Kris McFarlane

Kris McFarlane is a distinguished member of the Red Seal Study Guide team, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Holding the title of Interprovincial Red Seal Carpenter, Kris has not only mastered the intricacies of the trade but has also achieved a level of excellence recognized across Canada. His firsthand knowledge of the trade forms the bedrock of the guide's content, ensuring that it resonates with aspiring tradespeople on a practical level.

Beyond his carpentry credentials, Kris has served as a respected trade instructor, imparting his wisdom and skills to the next generation of tradespeople. His experience in the classroom has provided him with valuable insights into effective teaching methodologies, which are reflected in the guide's pedagogical approach.

In addition to his handson experience and teaching background, Kris is a versatile professional. He wears multiple hats as an author, marketer, and business developer within the industrial sector. His ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner is evident in the guide's content. As a marketer and business developer, Kris has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the Red Seal Study Guide reaches a wide audience, making it a trusted resource for those seeking success in the trades.

Kris McFarlane's comprehensive expertise and dedication to the industrial sector make him an invaluable asset to the Red Seal Study Guide team, and his contributions continue to empower individuals on their journey to becoming certified tradespeople.

Bobby Bedi

Bobby Bedi is a dynamic individual whose diverse background and extensive experience make him a valuable contributor to the Red Seal Study Guide. With a foundation as a trained architect hailing from the vibrant landscapes of India, Bobby brings a unique perspective to the world of trade education. His architectural training instilled in him a keen eye for precision and attention to detail, qualities that shine through in the guide's content.

Bobby is not just an architect; he is also a digital pioneer with a track record dating back to 2006. In the everevolving digital landscape, his expertise has been instrumental in shaping the guide's online presence and accessibility. His forwardthinking approach has ensured that the Red Seal Study Guide remains at the forefront of technology, delivering a seamless learning experience to aspiring tradespeople.

As a testament to his commitment to education and excellence, Bobby is the coowner of Stratwit Solutions, a global marketing company. Through this venture, he has actively championed the cause of accessible and effective learning resources, making education more attainable for individuals across the world.

Bobby's multifaceted background, innovative spirit, and dedication to education have made him an invaluable part of the Red Seal Study Guide team, and his contributions continue to shape the success of aspiring tradespeople across Canada and beyond.